Hawk Oilfield Service

Oil and Gas Construction Industry Experts


With more than 75 years of experience, Hawk Oilfield Service has built a solid reputation as the leader in the Oil and Gas Construction Industry in South Texas.


Our team delivers wide-ranging services to clients who value diligence and precision in a contractor, services such as Pipeline, Hydro-Testing, Environmental/Erosion Control, Spill Response, Facilities, Materials/Aggregate, among others. We have a commitment to operate with the highest quality equipment and support you with employees qualified and principled.


Our staff provide quality services and accurate information to meet your needs. We select the proper equipment to complete oil field construction, heavy equipment, trailers, trucks and any necessary means to accomplish your project in the best way possible and on time. All work is done within safety guidelines, and we are licensed and bonded.


Collaboration is key. We work closely with clients to ensure each project is completed safely, professionally, on time and within budget. It is a cornerstone that has helped build our reputation as the South Texas’ Premier oilfield service company.

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